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6 Things You Can do Now to Get More Patients

get more patients

How is it that other doctors get patients seemingly without effort while others struggle? How can you get more patients? The combination of decreased reimbursement from insurance companies and more competition make it increasingly challenging to keep existing clients or patients, get new ones while being profitable. Before creating a strategy for acquiring new patients, […]

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3 Digital Marketing Trends to Use in 2019

2019 Digital Marketing Trends - Medical Marketing Solved

  NEW Year, NEW Digital Marketing Trends Keeping up with the daily algorithm changes on social media, changing bidding strategies on GoogleAdwords, shifting content marketing to video marketing…  Digital Marketing is continuously changing and as we approach the New Year, we are focusing on these 3 digital marketing trends. Using last years digital marketing strategy […]

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5 Steps to Create Your 2019 Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy 2019

  What’s your digital marketing strategy for 2019? Is the thought of creating a new marketing strategy overwhelming, causing stress and anxiety? Wondering where to even begin? Or maybe there wasn’t a digital marketing strategy in the first place. What tactics will get the best results next year? Does this sound familiar? If you are […]

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