15 IGTV Video Content Ideas for Healthcare and Beauty Businesses


Why should doctors, plastic surgeons and estheticians create videos for IGTV or Instagram Stories? As a patient, client or business, especially when it comes to healthcare and surgery, people seek out someone they KNOW LIKE And TRUST. By watching your video people can get to know, like and trust you without actually meeting you in […]

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How to Quickly Build Your List of Email Subscribers


How to Grow Your Email Subscribers Marketing Address List Email subscribers are potential and/or current clients who opted in to receive emails from you. You OWN your list! It is one of your biggest assets. This is important as those hard earned followers on Instagram, Facebook, etc. are the assets of that platform. What if […]

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10 Reasons You Should Use Email Marketing for Business


CAN YOU STILL GROW YOUR BUSINESS USING EMAIL MARKETING? What is Email Marketing? Sending a message using electronic mail for the purposes of promoting your company and selling products or services.   Want to improve your open rates? Get my list of 100 of the Best Subject Lines for Plastic Surgeons here.   Why Should […]

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