5 Podcasts for Busy Entrepreneurs

Podcasts are a daily part of my life. If you see me wearing head phones I am listening to a Podcast. What was once downtime is now productive time. I call it “guilt free entertainment”.

Make the most of your time by learning and being inspired while walking the dog, working out, driving, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, gardening, cooking and sometimes to simply avoid disruptions from others. It is an educational guilt free pleasure that makes daily life better. There are several categories I like to listen to depending on my mood and what I am doing while I listen. One of which is business. Here are 5 Podcasts that I am currently listening to and recommend.

5 Business & Social Media Podcasts for Busy Entrepreneurs.

Tim Ferris the Podcast

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

Best Selling author of “The 4-Hour Work Week” talks with World Class Performers including sports professionals, actors, comedians and business experts. I recommend Episode 301 which just aired on March 8th. Tim interviews Joe Gebbia, a designer, entrepreuner and co-founder of Airbnb. Joe shares, entertaining and detailed stories about the events, projects and circumstances that lead him down his career path. He doesn’t hold anything back and describes both his failures and successes. Some of things I learned from him are: 1. Success is a series of different experiences that create the person you are going to be. 2. It’s more than being in the right place at the right time. 3. The power of story telling. and 4. Becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t happen over night.

Social Media Marketing Podcast
2. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

The founder of Social Media Examiner helps busy marketers, business owners and creators discover what works on social media. He speaks with social media experts who share tips, tricks and stories.

The Social Weekly Podcast

3. The Social Weekly

Industry experts Noelle Freeman and Neesha Arter discuss how to leverage social media and build your business. Noelle has been helping businesses leverage social media and build their brand since 2010. She offers insider tips that you can use right away to build your own brand. Neesha is the author of the book Controlled: The Worst Night of My Life and Its Aftermath, which is her story about a terrible crime committed against her when she was only 14. These are their conversations about social media.

Goal Digger the Podcast

4.The Goal Digger Podcast – Marketing, Social Media, Creative Entrepreneurship, Small Business Strategy and Branding

Successful business owner and wedding photographer Jenna Kutcher teaches you how to reach your business and life goals. She offers advice on branding, social media and email marketing.

The Sunny Show Podcast

5. The Sunny Show

Last but not least Youtube expert, Sunny Lenarduzzi gives you real life advice on how to “Be Your Own Boss” and grow your Youtube channel. What I like about Sunny is she started out by creating a Youtube video to help her clients with Periscope. The video was so popular she realized there is a large audience searching for social media help. Her Youtube channel now has over 145,000 subscribers. Sunny started her Podcast in 2018 and has turned some of her most popular videos into Podcasts while creating brand new content. Catch up with Sunny on her Podcast, The Sunny Show.

Do you listen to Podcasts? Which are your favorites?

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