Why should doctors, plastic surgeons and estheticians create videos for IGTV or Instagram Stories?

As a patient, client or business, especially when it comes to healthcare and surgery, people seek out someone they




By watching your video people can get to know, like and trust you without actually meeting you in person and establish yourself as being an expert by providing relevant quality content about your services that educates and entertains your ideal client or patient.


  1. Educate
  2. Demonstrate
  3. Inform
  4. Entertain

Using videos that educate, demonstrate, inform or entertain get more engagement. Be thoughtful and create a strategy for your videos. You may want to do them as a series of tutorials, procedures or bios. Not sure where to start? Check out my post “How to Use Instagram’s IGTV App“.


Although each of these ideas organized under a certain category, each of these has more than one person. A behind-the-scenes video can be both informative and entertaining for example


  • Medical Procedures – Use the most sought after procedures or treatments and create a demonstration video using real people. Overcome your patient’s fears and lack of knowledge by educating them on the treatments and services that you offer. Think about how a cooking show or demonstration is presented on video.

Instagram Stories Live Surgery

  • Q & A – What do people ask you about the most? Answer their questions by creating a Q&A video. This could be a Powerpoint presentation, a interview, or use different staff members to answer each question.
  • Before and after images and videos are very popular especially in plastic surgery. These are a MUST. This can be a combination of photos and video footage combined.
  • Professional Presentations – Do you actively do presentations outside of your business? Create a video.

IGTV Video of Doctor Presentation


  • New services or products. How do you launch new products or services? Add video into the mix for even more awareness, engagement and conversions.
  • Demonstrate how a product or service works such as a chemical peel.
  • Show and tell one of your tools, equipment such as a laser, office space, etc.

IGTV Laser Equipment Demonstration


  • Product review. This doesn’t have to be a product that you sell. It can be a something you are using in your day-to-day tasks. For example: headphones, mousepad, hand sterilizer, hats, etc.
  • Behind-the-Scenes is my personal favorite. People are interested in the “how”. An excellent Behind-the-Scenes video could be a surgical procedure.
  • Patient or client testimonials and recommendations.

IGTV Funny Plastic Surgery Testimonial

  • Spotlight one of your staff members, physicians, or the office pet.


  • Launches, Parties & Events.
  • Unboxing videos – products, gifts, etc.
  • Day in the life either personal or professional. It could be something from a typical work day or something fun you did on your day off (cooking, working out, traveling).

IGTV Doctor's Vlog

  • Office tour. As with behind-the-scenes give people a peek at your environment and explain why things are set up a certain way.

People want to get to know, like and trust you. Don’t worry about being perfect or rehearsed, just make the video. Focus on using quality, relevant content.

If you are not making videos, you are missing out on one of the biggest marketing opportunities to grow your business. Some reported stats are as follows:

According to comScore “64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it”.

Unbounce reports that “Using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%”.

Social Mouths says “Using video in Email increases click-through-rates by 55%”.


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The IGTV format is causal not perfection and meant to be done in the moment versus planned and rehearsed. If the video adds value to the reader or entertains go ahead and publish it. People like content they can relate to that seems unrehearsed or “real” and unfiltered.  People want to know more about the authentic you not a rehearsed edited version. Think about reality TV and how popular it has become.

Use these 15 content ideas and create your own IGTV videos.