What is Email Marketing?

Sending a message using electronic mail for the purposes of promoting your company and selling products or services.


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Why Should You Use Email Marketing as Part of Your Strategy?

Email marketing has been and continues to be the number one form of business communication and the most cost efficient marketing strategy. Email marketing gets 40 times more conversions than social media marketing. The 10 reasons to use email marketing include: 

1.The contacts that you acquire and engage with online and with social media are not your assets. These contacts belong to the platform (such as Facebook) they originated and should it make any changes you could lose all of your hard earned connections. YOU OWN YOUR EMAIL LIST.

2. Email Marketing has higher conversion rates comparatively. Overall averages for the Health & Fitness category based on data presented by MailChimp are:

  • Open Rate for Health & Fitness: 21.93%
  • Click Through Rate for Health & Fitness: 2.5%
  • Newsletter Conversion = 1%
  • Inactive Customers Conversion = 2.6
  • Member Follow Up Conversions = 2.7% 

3. It’s almost FREE. The cost of email marketing is lower than other marketing strategies. It is the professional services such as creating the ad and the tools you use such as MailChimp that cost money. Email delivery (versus postal) is FREE.

4. It is the number one strategy we use with clients to customer retention. Existing satisfied customers are a great source for repeat services.

5. You can easily and quickly reach your targets and develop a tribe (your niché). By staying in regular contact with your subscribers and providing them with value moves the relationship forward.

6. Builds your brand and establishes you as an expert. By providing educational and useful emails on a regular basis, your brand will be seen as an expert.

7. Increases website visits by using links in your email content.

8. It is more personal than social media posts. Messages are automatically delivered to their inbox rather than hoping your client will see you online.

9. Email marketing saves time and can be automated.

10. Everyone has an email account and it is an integral part of doing business. If you’re in business you are using email.

Some may argue that:

  • People don’t open their emails anymore.
  • There are too many emails.
  • Most emails end up in “junk” folders.
  • People receive emails they didn’t sign up for.

 Although these are mostly true, the ROI is still HIGHER than traditional forms of marketing and advertising.

How do you start email marketing? 

Email marketing starts with identifying your goals, creating a strategy, and building your email list! An email without a strategy is just an email that will likely land in the “junk” box.  

How do I build my email list?

Before you can start sending email campaigns though, you will need a list. But, not just any list. A qualified list of people in your business or target market that opted in.

 Check out the next post “How to Quickly Build Your Email List” .


Want to improve your open rates? Get my list of 100 of the Best Subject Lines for Plastic Surgeons here.